Introductory Questions

1. Provide your name, major, year in school (sophomore, junior, etc).

Hi, I'm Elena He! I'm a senior this year majoring in Marketing and minoring in Design and Business of Art.

2. Tell us a bit about your background and what prompted you to take this class.

I primarily want to go into advertising design as my career and would like to learn from this class how I can create a website to host my digital portfolio. I have a little UI design experience that led to want to learn more about creating user-friendly platforms.

3. Do you have any experience with HTML/CSS/JS? If so, tell us a bit about it.

I have very minimal experience with HTML - I watched some videos to teach myself basics a couple summers ago. I have absolutely no experience with CSS or JS.

4. Name one thing you hope to learn in this class.

I know the basic purposes of HTML and CSS, but I would like to learn how I can best utilize JS.

5. Name one way you expect designing for screen to be different from designing for paper.

Designing for screen takes more steps between the act of creation and the product. On the other hand, when designing for paper you can typically see what you create visually as you make it.

6. Provide a link to a website you think exemplifies effective design. Explain your choice.

Hot Dog

Considering this website is meant to develop a joke, I think the simple design is especially effective as it helps to highlight rather than detract from the comical content.

7. Provide a link to a website you think exemplifies effective communication. Explain your choice.

Think with Google

This is one of Google's key marketing research and insights websites, and I think its communication is effective particularly because it is designed in a way that divides the wealth of technical information in a way that makes the content easier to digest.

8. Provide a link to a website you think works well. Explain your choice.


For a website whose purpose is to help users with little to no web design experience to create useful and visually appealing websites, Wix does a great job with appealing to its audience with streamlined functions and layout. I have personally created several websites using Wix and have found it to be more user-friendly than its competitors.